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Type II diabetes, pre-diabetes,
high cholesterol & high blood
pressure are reversible through
a plant-based, sugar-free diet

we make it both easy + delicious

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Here's Why Euphebe Works

Biochemistry Drives Behavior

Euphebe's fully-immersive ReBoot program, combining tasty, satisfying meals with personalized coaching, keeps you on the wagon. In a good way.

We Change the Biochemistry

By changing what we put into our bodies, we change the release of hormones - less insulin, more leptin (satiety) and less ghrelin (the hunger hormone)

Our Results

blood work to prove it

-35 pts


reduction in

Equivalent to 20-40mg daily statin

-2 in


visceral fat

That's the bad stuff

-8.2 lbs


weight lost

4.5% initial starting weight loss

ReBoot participants observed reduction in elevated LDL, HG-A1C & HS-CRP, & reserved onset insulin resistance and pre-diabetes

*Results captured from monthly ReBoots May 2015, Oct 2015 - Feb 2017. 3Data Sample N=117; 2Data Sample N=74; 1DataSample N=16

Disclaimer: Euphebe does not replace your doctor. Euphebe and the reboot program is not intended to replace medical advice. If you are under the care of a physician and/or take medications or supplements, consult with your healthcare provider prior to beginning this program.

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